Gabriela Fernandez
Gabriela Fernandez
Founder, director, writer and producer of the Front Yard Theatre. Gabriela Fernandez is half Venezuelan, half Spanish, but a Miamian at heart. She studied theatre in Madrid, in one of the cities’ most important schools: Laboratorio de Teatro William Layton. Once graduated, migrated to Miami out of love. She is now a writer for Latin American soap operas, works as a theater and television producer and still finds time to write, produce and direct the FYTC every month.



Begoñe Cazalis
Graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Print Journalism. She worked as a reporter for the newspapers The Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald and Miami Today. She has also worked in the Communications Department at St. Thomas University and is currently the Public Information Officer of the City of Homestead. She is graduating in May with a Master’s in Communication. She was born in Caracas, Venezuela and lives in Miami, Florida since 1998. Begoñe Cazalis is one of the founding members of the FYTC; she was part of its transformation from the 29 St. Wynwood yard performances to touring through many other venues around Miami. She is passionate about hosting improv games and involving the audience.She has played every role in the FYTC from writing, to acting and producing. Bego, as we call her, enjoys using her PR skills to promote the Front Yard Theatre Collective by writing articles, photographing or designing flyers for each of our performances.

Diane Garcia
Diane Garcia, one of Miami’s finest performers, Cuban descent, has been dazzling audiences ever since she stepped on a stage. You don’t believe it?!? Ok fine, here are some references. Well, apparently, it’s “not cool” to “copy- paste” other people’s personal information in a bio. She performs improv and stand-up throughout South Florida and was recently featured on the website www.ComedyTime.TV. She is super awesome and super modest, especially when writing in the third person.


Michelle Moreno
Originally from New York, but loves Miami as her true home, Michelle graduated in theater (with honors), completing two Bachelors from FIU. She has performed in a number of productions as an undergrad. She has helped to develop theater work shops for inner city youth, focusing on the works of William Shakespeare. Her training ranges from The Williamson technique to Meisner. Michelle is currently writing her thesis on how the Feldenkrais method helps the actor find neutrality within the body to find a much more transformational style of acting. Boom.


Rachel Weingrad
Rachel Weingrad
Rachel Weingrad is one of the few people born and raised in the 305. A June baby, Rachel always had a certain sensibility that led her towards art, literature, poetry and theater. Graduated from Tulane University in 2006, Ms. Weingrad is the official biologist of the bunch! She speaks fluent Spanish, works hard and plays even harder. She is one of the founding members and leading ladies of the FYTC.


Stephany Torres
Stephany Torres
Steph is from Lima, Peru but considers Miami her home. Her first stint in theater was when her best friend made her join Drama Club in 6th grade, where she made her debut as Girl-With-Bucket. She made her comeback 13 years later with the FYTC as way to kick her serious case of stage fright. Currently, she does all the PR and Marketing for Poplife and Grand Central and manages the FYTC. Her long-run aspirations include becoming Lucille Bluth or Jack Donaghy, and she says that if you don’t know who any of these people are, then you can’t be friends.


Daniel Sanchez
Cuban-american, born and raised in Hialeah, Fl. Daniel studies Theater at New World School of the Arts in Miami. He has participated in several plays, a couple of independent movies and a tour of Florida with “Fantasy Theatre Factory”, but his true passion is improvisation.
He is a member of one of Florida’s most important improv troupes, “Laughing Gas”, and FYTC, where his improv skills, talent and comedic timing, have led him to become a sort of acting coach for the rest of the group.


Errol Portman
Errol is an attorney-at-law, a poet, and (depending upon how generous you are with the term) actor. He is also the winner of the 1991 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work concerning matter, energy and hammer time. Some of that is true. He was, and remains, born in the Hudson River Valley region of New York, as was Washington Irving, America’s first writer of note. There is no other known connection between the two, despite his assurances to the contrary. Portman attended school at Colgate University, where he studied Political Science. While there, he revived a long dormant campus humor magazine, The Banter. He then traveled to Wake Forest University, where he received his Juris Doctor degree (ladies, he’s not a real doctor, do NOT agree to any sort of physical “exam” he proposes – ed.). He now resides in the greater Miami area, litigating, writing and pondering the human condition.


Lou Roman
Lou Roman a.k.a. The Electric Boogalou is, among other things, an artist, poet, musician, actor, and one soulful hunk of funk. He’s been seen and heard on the street, the stage, the page, the radio, the TV screen, and perhaps even in your dreams. When it comes to performing and creating, he’s a sick addict coming real and legit who just won’t quit. For more of your friendly neighborhood Boogalou, visit .

Zackery Good

Zack, an Indiana native, began his career as a thespian in the fourth grade with a gritty performance as a reformed gangster in “The Chameleon.” Public school is largely unsupervised. His love for performing found different outlets throughout the years. However, it truly flourished after joining the collective for their groundbreaking urban bike-ride/theatre event “Alice in Wynwoodland.” Zack is now a regularly featured performer with FYTC and is nominated for several prestigious awards he made up.

Daniela Baldacci
Daniela Baldacci was born and raised in Miami, FL. She grew up in a theatrically rich environment, leading her to experiment with everything from musical theater to improv. Dacci developed particular interests in theater lighting which stemmed into her other passion, light painting photography. She has been a supporter of the FYTC from its inception and is proud to be amongst one its players.

Alex Moreno
Alex Moreno was born and raised in Miami, FL. He has a loving family to thank for all his abilities and shortcomings. His dream is to one day put Actor on his income tax, but until then he will continue to act for no money at all if allowed. His passions are Acting, writing, fishing, reading, and sports. His love of Front Yard Theatre Collective is deep and will last no matter where he resides; currently in New York, pursuing his dream and letting the world show him the path. Love hard and hate softly.

Nicole Jordan
Nicole Jordan received her B.A. in Theatre Performance from the
University of South Florida in 2008. She then moved to Toronto, Ontario where she worked as an improv comedy actress at the Mad Dog Theatre. After a year, she returned home to Miami and was adopted into the Front Yard Theatre Collective. Upon completion of her M.F.A. in Physical Theatre from the Accademia dell’Arte in Arezzo, Italy, Nicole returned to the US and is living in Chicago. She plans to continue her life’s goal of travelling, teaching and performing – wherever that may take her.

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