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The Front Yard Theatre Collective is an initiative born out of spare time and love for theatre. It all started as a group of theater enthusiasts hanging out, and now it has become our favorite event, the last Thursday of every month. We are now a show, where original skits, musical guests, skits and surprising improv games unite to produce the greatest outdoor talent show in Wynwood.

The long term mission of this collective is not just to put on a show, but to have a space in downtown Miami where we can share our experience in theatre, grow as performers (and as spectators too), organize readings, workshops… Basically, we want to become a creative outlet in the heart of our city. Front Yard Theatre keeps growing and aims to be an established theatre company born and raised in Miami.

We have begun a new stage in our two year run. After outgrowing the yard in capacity (sometimes we even had up to 200 people crammed in there!) we are out on tour, playing in the hottest venues around the Downtown- Midtown- Wynwood area.

Thanks to the efforts of the Front Yard Theatre Players and all the collaborators, we offer downtown Miami a new world where Everyone’s a cast member.

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  1. Mitchell Gam
    Mitchell Gam / 4-29-2013 / ·

    I very much enjoyed your rendition of Alice
    Especially liked the riding tour of Wynwood
    Just wanted to thank you for an enjoyable evening

  2. Ana Maria
    Ana Maria / 8-13-2013 / ·

    Hello FYT

    A friend of mine brought to my attention Front Yard Theatre Collective. I had never heard of this collective before. One of my goals at the present moment is showing my work at a local level. I will be doing my third performance installation during Art Basel for 2013. I am very happy this collective exists. Future collaboration would be amazing if possible . Thank You for your time

    Ana Maria Morales
    786 488 5239

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