special thanks

Mariela Romero, renowned writer from Venezuela, has been in love with theater from an early age, which is why it is so easy for her to do it well. She leads EL NUEVO TEATRO, a new proposal for theatre in the city of Doral. They are one of our proud sponsors, who love what FYTC is all about and want to see us fly. For more info, you can check them out on Facebook or on their website: www.elnuevoteatro.org

Mariela is not only my family, she has been my inspiration on many occasions, my teacher and like a second mother. I am very lucky to have her as my Godmother, and no, you cannot borrow her! Her kindness, perseverance and hard work have taught me that you can’t stop at anything. She believes in big dreams and big plans. And then she makes them come true. Gracias, tía, por ser mi inspiración, mi apoyo incondicional y mi amiga.

Pati Laylle & Gregg Rivero
Very few times in life you find the opportunity to thank such wonderful souls, for giving you unimaginable support. Those souls are Pati and Gregg, who were so generous with me, my vision and the FYTC that they opened up their home. In their private front yard, we started our laboratory. It’s hard to believe we used to do it twice a month! Imagine having your home filled with random people, every other week, to play improv games, read poetry off phones, free style… Meanwhile, your bathroom gets clogged, things get stolen, and there is a wooden stage with curtains held up by trees. This is what P&G went through, with love; because they believed that someday it would be worth it. And time proved that it was. Thanks guys. “You are the wind beneath my wings”

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