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History on Wheels

Imagine, one moment you're in Downtown Miami, staring up at skyscrapers. Suddenly, tall buildings vanish, replaced by swamps, pioneer settlers, and 1890s influencers. You're still in Miami, just a hundred-or-so years ago! And all within a few pedals...

History On Wheels_Official Poster.png

History On Wheels, an “only in Miami” bicycle tour, will return for its second edition this September. Guests will ride around Downtown Miami and learn about the past, present and future of the Magic City from a cast of hysterical/historical characters. Presented by Olympia Arts Miami and written and created by the Front Yard Theater Collective, the latest tour is set to launch on the last Friday of September. This is an all-ages event - bring the whole family!

Tours kick off 5pm Friday September 30, and continue through 5pm Saturday, October 1 and 2pm Sunday, October 2. Electric vehicles such as scooters are prohibited for this tour. Each guest should bring a bicycle, roller blades, skateboard, or other means of manual transportation.

Admission is free with RSVP/Registration.


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